Doing another giveaway!

Not gonna lie. I think I’m completely insane for doing this (especially since my mini-giveaway was a failure because the package got lost in the mail ;____;). Hopefully, this one will turn out much better though since there will be three chances to win. 

First place receives a set of Vongola Rings from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! plus headphones set in Tsuna’s style. 

Second place receives a set of Lucy’s Celestial Spirit Keys from Fairy Tail and Gray’s cross necklace.

Third place receives a Miku Hatsune plush from Vocaloid and a heart necklace that can be for yourself or for you and a friend.

Although the prizes are different in value, I understand that someone who wins first place (for example) may not be a fan of KHR. Therefore, if you reblog this, you can state which one you’re most interested in! 


  1. You DON’T have to be following me! Although, it would be awesome if you did!
  2. Several things count as an entry: reblogs, likes, AND signing up at this website. Because some of these prizes wouldn’t be possible without it. Doing all three gives you a chance greater than someone who only reblogged, for example. 
  3. You have to be comfortable with giving me your address! I’ll ship anywhere. :)
  4. Keep your askbox open. If you don’t reply within 48 hours, I will pick someone else!
  5. Winner will be chosen with a random number generator.
  6. Deadline won’t be for a while since I need some time to get the stuff I don’t have in my possession yet! May 16, 2014.

Good luck, everyone!!

i know everyone wants free stuff so if you havent heard of this website yet then here you go

basically you do a bunch of surverys, earn points, and exchange them for stuff on amazon. it takes a bit of patience but shit if you need a new tablet and dont have the money for it then this is the place to be

if you need any help (or need some quick ways to earn points), just ask me!!




OMG.  TAKESHI.  Ryohei though.

6,917 plays!



Daughter - Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)



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/arrives late to the party without starbucks


/arrives late to the party without starbucks


this is officially my favourite thing


this is officially my favourite thing




Everyone is saying let it go

but I think we really need to

let it grow




don’t be fooled kids…

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